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Larry Acker / Larry Acker is the CEO of ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems®. Involved with energy, water and energy conservation for 45 years, Larry is considered a leading authority regarding residential water and energy efficiency. Larry has been a featured speaker at major conferences throughout the world supporting ASHRAE, IAMPO, AWWA, ACEEE, PHCC and SB-08. Larry has written featured articles for National Trade Magazines and was the Chairman of the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in 2001.

Water regulations

Nature provides water, which makes it a natural resource. This doesn’t mean there is a limitless supply of water, nor does it mean water is naturally 100 percent safe. Enter the lawmakers, to ensure the safety and cleanliness of water for public consumption.

Water conservation stats

Sierra Vista, Ariz., is no stranger to water conservation, as the Copper State is not known for having plentiful rainfall. In 2011 the Cochise Water Project was formed, a nonprofit organization whose goals is to reduce the amount of water being drawn from the aquifer in Sierra Vista.

The value of water

Most community water systems in the United States rely on groundwater aquifers for public water supplies. One of the exceptions is Kentucky, with almost 80 percent of community water systems using surface sources of water.

Water and the construction industry

Architects and builders are becoming more environmentally conscious, as are homeowners, for the betterment of the community at large. Protecting the earth’s natural resources, including wood and water, were overlooked for centuries because they were in such abundant supply no one ever thought twice about using them.

Pay-as-you-go model for household water?

Imagine if the gas pump did not show the gallons and dollars being pumped in real time, but only the final totals. Or if the scoreboard at a basketball game didn’t keep up with baskets and free throws in real...

Thoughts from the 2014 International Builders' Show

In early February 2014, the National Association of Home Builders hosted the 17th annual International Builders’ Show. With the theme of “Expect More,” over 75,000 industry professionals from around the world attended the show in Las Vegas to learn from each other about building and remodeling, architecture and design, and materials and technology.

The mechanics of water conservation

One way of conserving water is to make a conscious effort to use less on a daily basis—and that’s great. There’s another way to conserve water that doesn’t require any effort at all.

Crunching numbers for water conservation

Studies from the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy show that the average household wastes 7,000 to 10,000 gallons of water on an annual basis, by turning on a faucet for hot water and waiting for the water to warm up.

Luxurious stewardship

The ACT D’MAND Kontrols pumping system is not a luxury item, but it feels like one because it is such a product of convenience. Turn on the water faucet in the kitchen or bath for hot water, and presto, instant...

Global credentials

Based in Costa Mesa, Calif., Advanced Conservation Technology Distribution is making headway across the United States and around the world. Best known for its ACT D’MAND Kontrols Systems, the company has an office in Australia and distributors in Mexico and...

Habitat for Humanity homes are saving water

Owners of new Habitat for Humanity homes value green technology and sustainable products as much as any other homeowner does. Many manufacturers offer discounts on their products for Habitat homes, as the organization has served more than 600,000 families worldwide....

WaterSmart Innovations Conference

Water was the word in Las Vegas in October 2013, when more than 900 water-efficient professionals from around the globe gathered for the 6th annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, the world’s largest urban water-efficiency conference. Presented by the Southern...

Customers happy about conserving water

Just a few years ago, a builder in North Carolina told Acker he was building sustainable homes and was concentrating on implementing things the homeowner could actually see. Acker suggested an ACT D’MAND Kontrols pump, of course, and the builder installed it in a model home, albeit with some hesitation.

Arizona community's commitment to conservation

Annual rainfall is not very plentiful in Arizona, so water is truly a precious resource. In an effort to conserve water, the city of Sierra Vista, Ariz., located in Cochise County, mandated each new home must have a dedicated hot...

What is sustainability?

It’s a buzzword everybody uses, but if you go looking for an actual definition of sustainability, the explanations vary and most of them go on for pages. The simplest way to look at it is to split up the word: sustainability is the ability to sustain.

Energy savings for all plumbing systems

When you build a new home these days, it’s easy to find all kinds of ways to save energy. But what about an older home or commercial building whose owners don’t have a budget for remodeling or retrofitting?

Loving environmental responsibility, no sacrifice necessary

One of the best things around is a win-win situation, especially when you can do something that’s good for you and feels good at the same time, like finding an exercise that’s also fun to do, or a food that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Reducing the greenhouse effect

How can a household appliance help reduce the greenhouse effect? First, a bit of explanation. There are a handful of gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect, otherwise known as global warming.

Designed for today, dedicated to the future

Larry Acker’s pump distributes hot water on demand. It’s called the ACT D’MAND Kontrol System, a sustainable product that saves thousands of gallons of water per year per household, and is a pleasure to use.

Saving Water is Also Convenient

Having hot water on demand is a true convenience. Just turn on the faucet and there’s the hot water. No more waiting around for the 50-degree water to go down the drain while it heat



We love the System!!Foster — New Brighton, MN

So easy, so quiet!Kurt — San Antonio, TX

Very easy to install - delivers hot water in seconds!Glenn — Summerville, SC

In cold weather, I had to run 5 gallons of water down the sink to get "Tepid" water despite the temperature of water heater being as high as possible. Now I get HOT water almost instantly without...Marie — Columbus, NJ

This is FABULOUS!Robyn — Charlotte, NC

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