Gas Hot Water Heaters

How Gas Hot Water Heaters Work with the D'MAND Kontrols® System

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more than 65 million Americans used natural gas in their homes in 2009 – about 22% of the population. Natural gas is the most widely consumed energy source in American homes, followed by electricity, heating oil, and propane, so it can be inferred that natural gas hot water heaters are the most commonly used type of water heaters in U.S. homes.

While gas water heaters are the most popular choice, and while gas hot water heaters’ prices and operating costs are a lot less than electric hot water heater options, they still waste a lot of water, however. Even the best gas hot water heaters’ reviews say you have to run the water a long time until you get hot water; in most houses today it takes somewhere between one and four minutes for the hot water to get from the hot water tank to the furthest fixture in your home. At approximately 2.5 gallons per minute that’s a lot of wasted water!

No More Wasted Time, Water or Money!

In addition to providing faster hot water for use, by recirculating ambient temperature water that would normally be lost down the drain, the Hot Water D'MAND Kontrols® Controlled Hot Water Recirculation System has been saving water and energy in homes since 1992. For an average household, the Hot Water D'MAND Kontrols® System can save between 7,000 to 12,000 gallons of water per year. Used with a natural gas water heater, that also saves more than $150 per year in energy costs and water utility costs (water delivery and treatment) – not to mention all the time you’ll save NOT waiting for hot water!

With the Hot Water D'MAND Kontrols® System installed in your home, you can:

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It's so nice to almost instantly receive hot water. I love it.Mary — Bernalillo, NM

This is my second installation for personal use. One in Minnesota and one in Arizona. Very satisfied and easily owner-installed.Robert — Hastings, MN

Very impressed with the product, Larry Acker and the company. This product will become a "must have" sales item promoted by my company.Jim — Twin Peaks, CA

Excellent Unit - very efficient!Julian — Whittier, CA

Great device! Hot water to kitchen time reduced from 90 seconds to 10 seconds!Anthony — Springboro, OH

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