ETS 2010 - IAPMO

International Emerging Technologies Symposium, 2010

Demand Controlled Pumping Systems for Existing Homes
Larry Acker, ACT Inc. Demand Systems

There are over 30,000,000 homes in the US in which the hot water distributions systems are plumbed such these homes have unacceptably long waits for hot water. This represents billions of gallons of potable water going down the drain not only creating additional sewage processing but also a substantial cost of energy. The energy loss represents pollutants in the atmosphere causing additional global warming. There is a simple and easy way to retrofit these homes that will save energy and water, reduce sewage processing, reduce air pollution and create a convenience to the home owner at an affordable cost.

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Working as advertised.Jerry — Clinton, TN

Beyond Expectation!James — Hobe Sound, FL

Excellent product and thanks, Donna-Marie for your help!Charles — North Little Rock, AR

It's so nice to have hot water!G. — Avon, OH

Push the button - 5 to 10 seconds hot water! Wonderful!!Richard — Bella Vista, AR

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