Energy Efficiency

Go Green with the Incredible Energy Efficiency of the ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrols® Hot Water System

Thousands of Americans all over the country are proud users of the ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrols® Hot Water System due to its innovative energy efficiency and water conservation methods. It is in fact so energy efficient, that the D'MAND Kontrols® System has received awards from the California Energy Commission, the US Department of Energy, and the Australia Building Industry. However, its most important achievement is the convenience for customers, offering hot water anywhere in the home at the push of a button!

The D'MAND Kontrols® Recirculation System works by circulating ambient (cool) temperature water that normally goes down the drain back to the hot water heater, through the cold water line. At the same time, it fills the hot water line with hot water from the water heater. When the hot water reaches the faucet, the valve closes and the pump turns off automatically – you get the convenience of hot water whenever you need it!

Save Energy and Money!

The ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrols® System only costs about $1 a year in energy to operate, and you will save from $200 to $400 annually in water and energy savings! Due to the water and home energy efficiency of the D'MAND Kontrols® System, a customer can realize a payback on the System in just a few years. Using the customer average of up to 27 gallons of water saved per day, with an electric water heater, a customer will realize this payback in less than two years, and with a gas water heater, in less than three years. The D'MAND Kontrols® Hot Water System even works with solar heating systems, so you can improve your solar energy efficiency even more.

Tax Credits for the D'MAND Kontrols® System

The Hot Water D'MAND Kontrols® System is so effective it meets all of California’s stringent criteria to earn energy efficiency in new residential construction. Its water conservation features have also made it eligible for even more home rebates. (See details here.)

Invest in the Future®, conserve water, improve your building energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint with the D'MAND Kontrols® Hot Water System today! Call us today, toll-free at 800-200-1956, for more information on improving your energy efficiency with the D’MAND Kontrols® Hot Water System!


Cliff was very helpful. We have had the first unit since 1997. So nice to have hot water so quickly again.Anthony — Sun Lakes, AZ

System works great!Mark — Glenview, IL

The system was quite easy to install, and works very well. We've had a Bosch demand hot water heater and our water source is a well. For years we sent much water down the drain waiting for it to be...Barney — Healdsburg, CA

Third pump I have used and very pleased with the performance.Jerry — Clinton, TN

Love it! Quiet. Easy installation. Three times faster than running water from the tub!Lowell — Lake Wylie, NC

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