How 2015 Reveals Sustainable Products Are a Must-Have for Future Builders

To Have 2020 Vision You Have to See Green

By Katrina Nelson

green house

Admittedly, 2015 wasn’t too shabby. In fact, it was quite the opposite—2015 saw an enormous boost of structure, at least where sustainable building is concerned. With demands from aware homeowners as loud as ever, the pressure to push buildings into maximizing their energy-efficient potential headed impressive developments in the industry.

While many companies scrambled to enter the movement, ACT, Inc.’s lifelong dedication to the environment looks forward to carrying exciting new residential and commercial projects into 2016.

The upcoming year looks so overall promising because, well—

Residentially: 2015 allowed their National Builders Program to meet individual agreements with TriPointe and Meritage Homes to put their water and energy saving systems in thousands of homes across the country. It’s worth noting that Meritage is involved in a 2016 California energy-use evaluation project of building 20 zero net energy houses, ACT products included.

Commercially: 2015 saw the reinvention of D’MAND Kontrols® Systems involvement with SoCal Gas Company’s ODE program, likewise projecting savings into a new dimension of environmental impact.

Aware of the significant contribution their electronic on-demand water distribution systems has brought (and will bring!) to the statistics, the company beams at the progressive “green” data wracking in.

graph green spending

The above graph reveals the positive reaction of the construction industry’s wallet to the demand for responsible living, outpacing all other sectors of construction growth in 2015 (according to the USGBC’s study). When considering the 2.3 million Americans employed by the green building market in 2015, it’s apparent that the modern buyer’s influence is pushing down prices of smart homes and creating overall more awareness.

ACT, Inc. applauds the recent national achievements:

“The 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study shows that the green building industry contributes more than $134 million in labor income in the U.S.

But refuses to accept less than significant leaps into the future:

“The same report reveals that the number of jobs generated in green construction will exceed 3.3 million over the next three years—representing more than one-third of the entire U.S. construction sector.”

With the growing group clarity of investors, appraisers, designers, and homeowners, there’s an expectation that half of the major homebuilders will be doing at least 60% of their new homes green. Lifting our scope to 5 years ahead, we get a 2020 vision of a solid, energy-efficient standard for building.

Overall advice? What’s good for the planet is good for builders… and having been in business since 1992, ACT, Inc. is on top of the list.

100% made in America, 100% made for Earth – call 800-200-1965 or visit to join the movement with your new or existing home’s potential for greatness greenness.






larry vidFollow the link:  to see what he let the ProudGreenHome interviewer know (Spoiler: It’s relevant).


WALKING IN A WINTER WATERLAND (But Not Too Much Because We’re Conserving This Season)


happy holiidaysuntitled
It’s Mabel, from 1443 Rosewood Street. Do you remember me? I am 5. How are you? Can you feel the glow-ball warming up in the North Pole? Ms. Miller says you’re probably swimming up there, but I hope you still drink hot coacoa, because hot coacoa is very yummy.
This Christmas I’m asking for your help instead of for presents. Daddy said that’s okay, and very grown up of me. I’ve been really good I promise. I always help Mommy with the dishes, even when the water is cold, and I always take Sampson out to go potty. P.S. Sampson was a good dog, and he should get a bone under the tree, please and thank you.
I need help because during the holidays it’s very cold, Santa. I just want for our house to feel Christmas warm all year.  Mommy and Daddy are so happy when they are warm, and everyone drinks warm coco and wear sweaters and has blankets.
The only cold part of my house, Santa, is the water. Whenever I go to wash my hands to help Mommy make cookies it is always cold for long, even when I twist it for hot. Mommy makes me wait the whole time anyway because she says it bad for the cookies if I don’t get the soap off with hot water, but it’s boring just waiting and also even Sampson doesn’t like touching the cold when I flick it at him.
So Santa can you make blankets come out of the sink right away?
And also I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about needing to save more money because Michaela is in school now. I heard you don’t normally give money but they have been very good. They always put things in the recycling bin, and they always are saying “No more long of showers” and “Mabel, please don’t leave the lights on.” Ms. Miller says this is very stainable, which means smart, I think.
So Santa, can you give mommy and daddy money?
Also Ms. Miller says Earth is sick, and that California is thirsty. I know you’re not a doctor but I have an idea! What if you took all the extra water that I can’t touch because it’s cold, and you gave it to California?
I know you have lots to do, but I was thinking about it lots and I saw that when people have money and warm things, everyone is very happy.
For Christmas can you help me find a blanket for my house that gives Mommy and Daddy money?
Can you make sure Sampson gets a bone, please?
And Michaela sometimes wants to talk to me on the phone, and that is nice because I miss her. She may have whatever she wants.
I love you, Santa.


You are such a kind and spirited young lady! I am so impressed that you want help out your family and the world for Christmas! Your thoughtfulness will come back and help you in the future, I promise.
I wanted to write you back to tell you that I have just the gift for your house! It has a long name, are you ready? It’s called an ACT D’MAND Kontrols® System, and it will do everything that you asked me for.
Basically it’s a magic box, little Bell, that you put under your farthest sink. At just the push of an LED button or walk past a motion sensor, this magic box will turn and give your entire home hot water right away. You will never have to wait!
And this magic box system will give your parents the money they deserve, too. It sounds to me like they are very smart, but they just don’t know how to do more! You see, your house right now has a pump in it that’s running, and it never stops…. So even though they are turning off the lights and not taking long showers, they are still losing money they don’t need to be.
So let me teach you something that you can teach to Ms. Miller, too! With an electronic D’MAND Kontrols® system, your hot water heater will only have hot water pumped when you ask for it (when you D’MAND® it), so suddenly your parents will be saving $200-$400 each year on energy and water bills… because now your pump will be running 98% less! And you want to know something fun? It only costs less than $1 to run each year. It would take a lot of stress out of paying for Michaela’s school, I promise my dear.
And it would do so much good for planet. I know you can already add and subtract, so I’ll share with you some numbers: the average house wastes 10 gallons of water a day! But if a D’MAND Kontrol System is in place, your home will save between 7,000-12,000 gallons per year! It makes your house feel spoiled and like a hero.
My Jolly, this is just the gift! You know what? While I could easily bring a system with me down the chimney, I think it’s best if Mom and Dad were involved in this decision, too.
Let’s have one of them call 714-668-1200 or visit so we can have your family saving before Christmas! And I’ll have you know that ACT, Inc. is on the Nice List every year (just like you!) because they also want to make a real difference (just like you!). They deliver their goodies all over the world, like I do… and yet they might be a little more official than good ol’ Santa Claus, seeing as how my positive impact hasn’t been funded, tested, and proven by the U.S. Department of Energy, like theirs have!
You dared to dream that environmental responsibility could be matched to convenience (as Ms. Miller what that means)…We at the North Pole are so impressed by you, Little Mabel! And the magic box lasts around 20 years, so you get to grow up knowing that the $5,000 dollars of savings your Mom and Dad accumulate was your idea.
You’re just 5 years old and you already understand the meaning of “Invest in the Future®” (Michaela could learn a thing or 2 from you when she comes back home during vacation, she really should be paying more attention in her lectures).
Be ready for the greatest house blanket ever invented! Keep wanting to change the world, Mabel, and I’ll keep writing you back with just what you need to do so.
Still a fan of your double-chocolate chip chunk fudge cookies,

Lower Score? It’s a Smarter Home: Understanding this “HERS Index Score” Stuff that Homeowners Need To Know

To be honest, nothing explains it better than the pleasant-sounding woman in this (short and simple) video:

But basically: before buying anything, it’s essential to observe the ratings. The latest and greatest added into the housing market? THE HERS INDEX SXCORE.

To create a demand for smarter, more sustainable homes, RESNET created HERS scores so that the energy-efficiency aspects of your home lower your score.


What happens with a score closer to 0?

Your energy bills ARE REALLY LOW.

This makes your home MORE VALUABLE.

“Across the nation the RESNET HERS Index Score is fast becoming a mainstream in the housing market. Homebuilders are having their homes energy rated and are marketing the HERS Index Score of their homes. Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are incorporating the HERS Index Scores in their listings and code jurisdictions are recognizing a HERS Index Score as a building energy code compliance option.”  -

 Moral of the story, homeowners? When home searching, ASK FOR THE HERS SCORE.

(OI, and fun fact? An ACT D’MAND System lowers your homes score 3-6 points. Though we’re not surprised about it, we sure are excited that professionals confirm it’s significant contribution.)

And if you’re  STILL interested (Perhaps you’re taking home buying/selling very seriously? Props to you!) here’s another (barely longer) video featuring a familiar HG TV face. Here’s John Bell with How to Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted For Your Home

Want to Read Our Mail?

Because why not let you know one type of email that our CEO Larry Acker gets to open up?

This past Sunday, the latest in his inbox read:

And thank you, Mr. Grieshop, for reminding us why we work in the first place.


ACT, Inc.

Try Thanksaving: The Hot, Unnoticed Blessing You Let Run Right through Your Fingers

Yes, we know the drill.

Thanksgiving is “I am thankful for my family’s health.”

Thanksgiving is“I am thankful for running water and a roof over my head.”

And of course, Thanksgiving is always “I am thankful—goodness, so thankful— for this meal in front of me.”

It’s not that any of this is untrue—you only say it because you mean it! But you know what’s funny? You’re being pretty dang thankful for hot water without ever even acknowledging it.


Because your family stays healthy because of…well, hot water. That’s what cleans their hands, cleans their bodies, and cleans their clothes. Hot water is what takes the bad bacteria off of your loved ones.

Because water of any temperature is incredibly useful… but it’s probably hot water that you’re praying for as you turn the knob for your morning shower, am I right? To anyone who knows what it’s like to go without, you know it’s one of the most luxurious perks of being under a roof.

Because the meal in front of you could have been prepared for you without it… but dang, that would have been a toughie without hot water. And probably not sanitary (to be honest, cooking without it would be what threatens your family’s health!)

So yeah, Hot water is the unsung hero of the household that we often get mad at—  we’re relieved when it arrives, but we’re annoyed until it does. We either get irritated that we wait forever, or we accept this water waste as normal. And we hardly ever, ever thank it.

Not to make you reflect too hard during the holiday, but… isn’t wasting water a pretty ungrateful thing to do? Especially when there’s a beautiful way to prevent it.

And “beautiful” doesn’t so much refer to the aesthetic value of an ACT D’MAND Kontrols® System (although as far as black boxes go, it’s quite the looker). No, the “beautiful” acknowledges the genuine good it brings the world. The tri-fold saving of energy, water, and money. The duplicity of instantly getting hot water to every fixture in the home in seconds while simultaneously giving back to the environment at every twist of the knob.



Some quick Thanksgiving Fun Facts, shall we?

Your house (yes, YOURS) loses a minimum of 20 gallons per day due to waiting for it to turn “warm enough”.

You (yes, YOU) pay a bill each month for all the energy and electricity your home consumes, even when you’re not there or awake to use it.

You, (yes, very much you) are emitting 3,000lbs a year of carbon dioxide from your continuous hot water distribution system.

But before you get defense… we realize you didn’t know! We’re so blessed (and sometimes cursed) to have technology constantly bombarding us in the form of new screens, we forget that world-changing innovations hide in our plumbing, too. There’s technology out there that doesn’t depreciate in value, which lasts 20 years, that saves you the $300 you lose to un-used water and electricity. There’s technology that saves around 7,000-10,000 gallons of water each year, and it’s easy to install in your home. And the grand total of running it? Less than a dollar per year.

Because Thanksgiving is a time to realize all that’s been saved is a blessing. A time to acknowledge all the positive ways you’ve spent. And a time to recognize where the changes to occur: where you could be saving, where you shouldn’t be spending.

To Invest in the Future® is one of the most grateful things you can do this season: for you family, for your home, for your blessings, for your world. ACT D’MAND Kontrols® is the tool to help you operate such warmth.
Want more details? Not plumbing savy and want someone to explain how this thing works really plainly? Or… not sure if you would prefer to press a cool button or walk past a motion sensor to que the Kontrol® System to activate? Call 714-668-1200 or visit our website at for answers, we don’t bite.

Thirsty for Work: New Water-Conservation Jobs Growing in Drought


There’s a great fear that jobs will be lost as California’s policies start to reflect awareness of the state’s extreme ecological deficit. As the pressure for more energy-efficient homes threaten the profits of water and energy companies (and agriculture business) the voice that cries “But these huge companies employ so many people!” grows more concerned. Referred to as the “job-killing” monster, sustainable living looks like it wants us to pay greener attention at the cost of our salaries. But as time with the drought persist, new revelations are being made; people are starting to notice the new job opportunities created in response to the water and energy waste. Between the excessive use of resources and the record-breaking lack of them, the job market shows a potential balancing out—as jobs are lost to such a disaster, new ones can be created to fix it.


In 2013 Pacific Institute’s study indicated that 136 different kinds of jobs (plumbers, landscapers, engineers, irrigation specialists) were to emerge and grow due to their association with water conservation.  Today, water-saving jobs—such as drought-resistant landscape design and construction—are offering employment to able-bodied workers all over the Los Angeles County. And our Costa-Mesa based Advanced Conservation Technology business, ACT D’MAND Kontrols® System has needed a couple extra hands themselves. Our Director of Special Accounts Scott Campbell related that “There’s a several different kind of awareness that have aligned to help us get this product out there. For instance, people are starting to wake up to the fact that the drought is real. So they’re also becoming aware that their wait for hot water is a gigantic waste of time, energy, and water. And lastly, they become aware that there’s technology out there that can change that.” With new, larger orders coming in from both residential and commercial directions, the company has had to grow to match the manpower needed to get the electronic, on-demand pump to more homes. Most importantly, “I always share this with new employees, but it’s important to know that everything you do here is important” says VIP Donna-Marie Acker. “Each time an order ships out, realize that each Kontrol system that leaves building means 10,000 gallons of water, saved. It’s so encouraging, so motivating for the whole team.”

home conservation

Because it’s a two-way relationship: as sustainable jobs grow, so does the communal consciousness of waste prevention. Likewise, as awareness increases, so does the newer, greener jobs. By being involved with a sustainable goal, the workers themselves are working intimately with the idea itself. As anyone who lives in the reality of scarcity knows, a wasteful lifestyle is nearly impossible to return to once you know better. The key lies in educating the masses. And what better way to educate everyone…then to employ them? Because you are what you work; working for the greener causes ends up causing greener wallets.


By: Katrina Nelson

Ms. Walborn, Mr. Travis… You Guys Rock! (Also, So Do Discounts)

testimonial 2We love feedback. Here at ACT, Inc., we already know our product is truly in your best interest– our favorite part is watching you realize this, too! We wanted to stop in and share 1. Kathy and Fred’s  kind words (Thank you!) and 2. We want to make sure you can always find what you need at the best price possible. Below we’ve attached the links to online provider’s that offer our products at discounted prices! Because we understand that to be most efficient (which is the dream!) you gotta know all the info. testimonial

Discount web sites:
Advanced Conservation Tech (ACT) Products by Model
The authorized dealer for the Residential ACT C1-100  pump.
unaffiliated web site with some discounts

A Pointe in the Right Direction – Building “Sustainable” Right under the Nation’s Sinks

It’s finally happening, folks—“green” is officially getting integrated into the blueprints of America by those directly overseeing the plans. Due to contracts completed and finalized within this past September, there’s now 2 groups of builders out there getting hot water faster to homes on a national scale. With Tri-Pointe’s game-changing commitment to their motto “Life inspiring homes” and through actions proving Meritage’s worthy recognition as the Energy Star 2015 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award, the agreements with National Builder’s Program (NBP) hard-fastened quality living conditions to the quality lifestyles of homeowners.

And it’s very evident from the deal that all three innovators have only sustainable structures on the agenda. Through the NBP, ACT D’MAND® Systems offers their top-quality and nationally-credited invention in hundreds of Tri-Pointe and Meritage homes. These Kontrol® systems are supplied by those with years of sustainable plumbing experience, and offer nation-wide rep groups for easy access to materials— by supplying technical support as early as the moment of installation, the basis of these contracts cover it all.  Tri-Pointe and Meritage’s utilization of the only On-Demand electronic system on the market encourages others to note just how drastically ACT’s Structured Plumbing® installations lowers building HERS rating scores (the lower the HERS score, the more energy efficient the home). Hosting a perfect match of homeowner convenience and global responsibility, these contracts allows for both companies to see their sustainable, energy-efficient emphasis reach the national platform with all the integrity they practice.

It’s a solid deal, but both businesses are aware that the ultimate beneficiary of the contract won’t be either one of them. It won’t even be the future homeowners of the new Tri-Pointe and Meritage homes, who’ll be moving into lower monthly energy and water bills than the rest!

No, the real winner here is America as a whole. In the 30 million homes across America, over 10,000 gallons of water (and 2,000 KwH) are wasted in wait for hot water each year; if just  1000 of those condos/homes saved 15 gallons a day, approximately 5 millions gallons of water would be conserved each year. And the easiest, most convenient way to save those 15 gallons? An ACT D’MAND Kontrols System. The people making sure this can happen? Tri-pointe Group and Meritage homes. The person most thankful for this agreement? Mother Nature.

For the online, formal press release announced on Proud Green Home Magazine, follow the link: http://

Trip or Treat! October Articles Revealing our September Mischief Out and About

October is coming to a close, and you know what that means… all our September business has leaked into the October media! 

We’ve been doing lots of running around the county and the country this 2015, so if you’re interested in knowing some of the cities our boys have hit (and what they said there) go ahead and check out the articles below. Cuz we’ve got a green message to spread, and a grand mission to accomplish!



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