ABC 7 features the ACT D’MAND Kontrols® System

ACT D’MAND Kontrols ® system was recently featured on ABC 7 eyewitness news at 5pm!


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PCBC P0P (Parade of Products) Awards Winners for 2015

ACT D’MAND Kontrols System Wins top award in innovation and new product solution for hot water “on D’MAND” distribution systems.

Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC), the largest homebuilding tradeshow representing the west coast region has named ACT Inc., D’MAND Kontrols ® Systems a 2015 Parade of Products (POP) winner.

PCBC hosts the annual conference with attendees coming from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 25 other countries.  The conference alternates between San Francisco and San Diego as its host city.  The 2015 PCBC will be held in San Diego on June 24th – 25th.  The conference is open to anyone within the building industry which includes developers, builders, architects, remodelers, designers, contractors, dealers/distributors and suppliers/manufacturers.   PCBC was launched in 1959 and has grown immensely since then, with attendance increasing each year.  2014 saw an attendance of close to 10,000 people.

PCBC’s POP represents the very best products that are both innovative and useful.  Each year PCBC exhibitors submit products that they think are innovative to a panel of judges and it is up to those judges to find the best of the best.  The 2015 POP winners consisted of 18 ground-breaking products.  ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® is proud to have been honored as a 2015 POP winner.

The ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® recirculation System saves water by reducing the wait time for hot water and thus reduces water wasted down the drain.  ACT INC. also designed and pioneered “STRUCTURED PLUMBING®”   for new construction in order to benefit the D’MAND Kontrols System.  This American made product has proven to not only save water but has proven to save energy in tests funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.  Saving energy will reduce global warming while adding convenience to the user.  1-800-200-1956

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ACT D’MAND® Systems to Combat Global Warming in 2013

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Advanced Conservation Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of controlled hot water recirculation systems that deliver hot water on demand, reduce water waste, and conserve energy, is announcing a viable option to fight elements of climate change in 2013.

Wasting water and electricity is a problem that every American faces. Waiting for a water heater to properly warm up can result in thousands of gallons of water lost each year, not to mention wasted electricity.

“There are over 30 million homes in the United States, many of which waste over 10 gallons of water per person, per day, just waiting for hot water,” says Larry Acker of ACT D’MAND® Systems. “The average amount of water wasted per year, for each home, is about 20 gallons a day, or 7,300 gallons in a year. By using a recirculating hot water pump that produces hot water on demand, consumers can reduce water waste and conserve energy.”

For every 1,000 homes in the United States that invest in the ACT D’MAND® Controlled Hot Water Recirculation System, 7,300,000 gallons of water is saved. Additionally, 1,804,600 kilowatt-hours of energy is saved, 2,512,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided, 5,350 pounds of nitrogen oxides are avoided, and 10,910 pounds of sulfur dioxide are avoided. Additionally, the air pollution that is created by these emissions is significantly reduced.

With more homeowners switching to natural gas, it’s important to realize the savings for natural gas users. For the same 1,000 homes saving the same 7,300,000 gallons of water, 78,180 therms of natural gas would be saved, 915,370 pounds of sulfur dioxide emissions would be avoided, 1,170 pounds of nitrogen oxides would be avoided, and 20 pounds of sulfur dioxide would be avoided.

Acker says, “It is clear that the relation between water and energy creates a huge effect on our world’s carbon footprint, and global warming.”

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D’MAND® Systems CEO on the Radio – Can You Hear Us Now?

John Smith – Arizona Green Plumber

Last week our CEO, Larry Acker, was a guest on John Smith’s radio show, The Arizona Green Plumber, on BlogTalkRadio. Smith started off the segment about ACT, Inc. D’MAND® Systems by reviewing a question he posed to his Facebook followers, “How long do you wait for hot water?” After Smith received over forty comments, it became evident that people are waiting more than just a couple minutes for hot water.

Acker gave some insightful reasons as to why people are waiting so long for hot water. Did you know that homes in the fifties had maybe a total of five fixtures compared to about 15 fixtures that are installed in today’s homes? Water heaters not being centrally located, low-flow fixtures, and plumbing are other factors that prevent hot water getting to our fixtures quicker.

Smith and Acker covered a wide range of facts about our product: how it works, code approvals, the benefits and convenience of the pumps, and the ease of installation. Larry also assures listeners that the pumps have the life expectancy of approximately 15-20 years, another added benefit of the product. If you’re a plumber looking for ways to explain an ACT D’MAND® System to your customers, Larry gives some quick tips to help you out as well.              

Make sure to listen to the complete interview with Larry to get the full experience and expertise of our knowledgeable CEO. 

To listen yourself, click on the link below. The portion about ACT D’MAND® Systems and hot water begins at 11 minutes.

To hear more from John Smith, follow him online, Facebook, or Twitter:!/pages/The-Arizona-Green-Plumbers/319368040346

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Save Water, Money, and Energy with ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Costa Mesa, CA – September 27, 2012 – ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Systems, a leading provider of D’MAND Kontrolled® hot water recirculation systems, is proven to save water, energy, and money in residential homes.

The ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Hot Water Recirculation Pump system works by circulating ambient (cool) temperature water that normally goes down the drain back to the water heater through the cold water line. At the same time, it fills the hot water line in your home with hot water from the water heater. Since no water runs down the drain while you wait for hot water, you will now save significant amounts of water and energy every time you do the dishes, wash your hands, take a shower, or run a bath.

In a recent case study, Reality-LLC quantified the benefits of a scenario in which the city of Sierra Vista, AZ mandated on-demand hot water recirculation pumps in all residential plumbing for new home construction (3646 units) from June 2000 through July 2009. When on-demand pumps were substituted for timer pumps, wasted water was reduced 87% and wasted energy was reduced by 65%.

Studies by ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Systems found that the average homeowner wastes 20 to 40 gallons of water per day. If each home saved only 20 gallons of water each day, or 7,300 gallons per year, then every year homeowners in 100 homes would save 730,000 gallons of water; $25,088 in electricity, water, and sewer costs; or $15,084 in natural gas, water, and sewer costs.

“Due to the energy and water conservation methods of the D’MAND Kontrol® System, a customer can realize a payback on the system in just a few years, not to mention the beneficial impact it will have in conserving the earth’s most precious commodities,” said a representative for ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Systems.

Additionally, the ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® System is the only hot water recirculation pump system that can make the following claims:

  • The pump does NOT void or change tankless water heater warranties
  • Doesn’t run 24/7 – only when you need it – preventing wasted water and energy and wear and tear on your water heater
  • Is the only company that offers motion sensors, so you don’t have to push a button, just walk by and hot water is present
  • Is very quiet, similar to a ceiling fan on low setting
  • Offers a five-year warranty

ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® System’s list of accreditations includes: Energy Star Rated, LEED Credits, Title 22 credits, NAHB, UL certified, UPC certified, CE certified, Watermark listed, CSA, GSA, HERS, DOE, NOM, and ANCE.

For more information on a hot water recirculation system from ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Systems, visit

About ACT Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Systems:

Advanced Conservation Technology, Inc. (ACT, Inc.) has been manufacturing Hot Water Recirculation Systems that deliver hot water on demand, reduce water waste, and conserve energy since 1991. ACT’s recirculating hot water systems send cold water in the plumbing back to the hot water heater, via the cold water while simultaneously bringing hot water to all fixtures on the line. Unlike other hot water recirculation pump systems, the ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® System does not allow hot water into the cold water line, and delivers hot water to the furthest fixtures on user demand.



ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrol® Systems


Saving Water- One Drop at a time

Saving Water One Drop at a Time

Pumpkin spice lattes have arrived at Starbucks. Halloween is drawing near. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and hopefully this humid weather is on its way out. Having the air conditioning running most of the day has drained the bank account with high energy bills and you’re looking for a break. Everyone always talks about saving energy, but what about saving water?

By taking the time to save water, you’re saving yourself money as well. Let’s equip ourselves with the tools to make water conservation happen. I did some research to make your job easier.  If you’d like to do further research using the keywords “water saving tips” will come in handy.

One of my favorite lists is from Water – Use It Wisely which seems to encompass all the tips in one. You’ll see there are both indoor and outdoor tips to conserve water and room for you to do some further searching.

For your convenience, here are a handful of tips that we found fairly easy to start your water conservation process.

#17 Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then reuse it to water houseplants.

#29 When running a bath, plug the tub before turning the water on, then adjust the temperature as the tub fills up.

#32 Designate one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a water bottle. This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.

#54 Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and save 25 gallons a month.

# 75 Drop your tissue in the trash instead of flushing it and save water every time.

#83 Washing dark clothes in cold water saves both on water and energy while it helps your clothes to keep their colors.

#94 Wash your pets outdoors in an area of your lawn that needs water.

#102 If you accidentally drop ice cubes when filling your glass from the freezer, don’t throw them in the sink. Drop them in a house plant instead.

Can you see yourself using any of the tips listed?


Sticker Shock Versus Value

Sticker shock.

It’s something we all experience when shopping for products. We want it, think it’s a good buy, get excited about it, and then we see the price. We think, “NO WAY!” or “I can’t afford that right now.” Once we begin to recover from the shock of the price, we begin crunching numbers and assessing the true value of the purchase we had planned on making but aren’t so sold on now. Value is such an important factor when considering a product.

This article “Demand-Controlled Pumps: Sticker Shock Versus Value” by Dave Grieshop will address the sticker shock that occurs when getting ready to buy a demand-controlled pump. He’ll give you reasons why these pumps are of such high value and how to make it work in your budget with some helpful tips and insights.

Click the link below to read the article.

 HE mag Sep-Oct 2012 issue Demand controlled pump Sticker shock versus value

D’MAND Kontrol Hot Water Recirculation pumps receive international recognition

D’Mand Kontrol Hot Water Recirculation Pumps…. Receives International Recognition

We received exciting news this past week from our team in Mexico that our D’MAND Kontrol Systems have been approved under the NOM certification. You probably haven’t heard of NOM and aren’t very excited yet, but let me tell you why this is a big deal!

The journey to receive the approvals we needed started 2 years ago a lot of work must be done, and for us it would be significantly harder. The process doesn’t always take this long, but we had to create the protocol for Recirculation Pumps as we went along. No other Recirculation Pump or product had ever been submitted making this a first for ACT, and a first for the Mexican government.


What is NOM?

NOM is short for “Norma Official Mexicana” or “Official Mexican Law”


Why is NOM important?

To sell any product to developers in Mexico, or on a large scale, companies will ask for NOM certification. Well when trying to help reduce water and energy waste in Mexico and world wide really is our end goal, we need to be able to get our systems out on the market and in the hands of the users on a larger scale. More pumps in the field= More water and energy saved. But as you can imagine, everyone who has a product to sell in Mexico wants to be certified, making the NOM certification that much more precious. Of all of the requests for products to be certified 80% are rejected.


Being among the 20% of approved products is a BIG deal and very ground breaking for the D’MAND Kontrol Systems in Mexico. But not only were we certified by one of the four agencies we were certified by all four! (ANCE, ONNCCE, CNCP, and CONAGUA)


Our pump soared over the requirements, with a low energy cost and 88.3% efficiency in saving water, well over the minimum requirement (75%).


Simply put our product is considered Safe, trustworthy, and GREEN, by the Mexican government, and we now have the accreditation and authority to sell to whomever we please, including Home Developers/Builders for average income, and luxury homes.

How Much Water Do You Use?

How much water do you use in your house? Are you using more water and energy than necessary?

These are just a few of the questions I tend to ask myself when I think of water conservation. I want to do more to help save water but sometimes it seems too difficult and time consuming.  Conserving water can be easier than you think.

Typical Household Water Usage

Consider how you might use water in your household and different ways in which you can reduce your water waste.

If you’re curious about how much water your family is using and how it compares to the average family, I suggest using Home Water Works’ calculator to get an estimate: After answering a few questions, the calculator will break down your water usage into a pie chart to see where you are using the most water. My family tends to use most of our water in the shower and bathrooms. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise since there are five of us in one house.

There are so many little things you can do to conserve water. You can start off small by turning off the water while you brush your teeth or turning off the shower while you shampoo your hair. You can also fill up one side of your sink with hot water to wash dishes rather than leaving the water running while you wash. When you clean your driveway you can always sweep rather than use water to wash it down. There are so many ways to save water and energy.

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is leave the water running while you wait for hot water. There is so much excess water going down the drain. We’ve all done it, and most of us probably still do it. Hot water is used in our showers, dishwashers, baths, faucets, pools and hot tubs. That’s a lot of hot water, especially in the bathroom. One sure and easy way to conserve water indoors is to use the D’MAND Kontrol® System. It will get hot water to your fixtures on demand and prevent all that excess water from going needlessly down the drain. It doesn’t just save water, it saves energy as well.

We previously provided you with a list of some energy saving tips. If you missed it the first time around I’ve included them for you again.

  • Turn off lights, TVs, computers, and other electronics when you’re not in a room. This seems like a no-brainer, but how many times have you walked around your empty house and all the lights are on?
  • TVs and other electronics still use several watts of power when they’re plugged in but not on. Plug all your electronics into a power strip and turn the power strips off when the electronics aren’t in use to save energy.
  • Only wash full loads of laundry and dishes. Air dry clothes and dishes if possible.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR® label when buying light bulbs, home appliances and electronics, this ensures the product meets strict efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. (The D’MAND Kontrol® System is ENERGY STAR® rated!)
  • Install a low flow shower head, and take shorter showers.
  • Use your window shades. Close blinds on the sunny side in summer to keep out the hot sun, and open them in winter to bring in warm rays.

Something New To Celebrate (World Water Week 2012)

Something New to Celebrate

Photo from World Water Week 2011

World Water Week 2011

There are so many days we celebrate, observe, and obsess over that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. We have Earth Day, Star Wars Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Pi Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Women’s History Month, and National Left-Handed Day. I think you get the idea.

Most of us know this week is Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. (Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary!) But did you know World Water Week is coming up? Me either. I have Twitter to thank for bringing it to my attention. It’s fitting that the World Water Week is taking place so soon after Shark Week, if you ask me. 

World Water Week is kicking off Sunday, August 26th, in Stockholm, Sweden where it takes place every year thanks to SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute).

While World Water Week doesn’t involve reruns of Jaws it is worth checking out. Since I’ve just been introduced to World Water Week (thank you Google) we can learn together.

There are multiple websites full of information and events that will be taking place in Sweden for World Water Week. I suggest starting with:


World Water week 2011

World Water Week 2011

Make sure to take a look at the list of the various workshop topics.  It might just spark your interest on all the work these organizations are doing. Exhibitors come to share their area of expertise with all those participating in the conference. There certainly isn’t a lack of exhibitors if you take a look this year’s list. You can also take part in workshops, seminars, and if you’re a young participant you might just be lucky enough to share your views on the topic of this year’s convention, water and food security.

Of course you can always be social media savvy and search the hash tag #wwweek on Twitter to see what other people are saying. It’s up to you! But it is worth your time to check it out! I know I enjoyed learning about something new to celebrate.

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