D'MAND® System International Markets

Thank you for your interest in the ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® System, and supporting our Water and Energy Conservation Efforts. We are happy to provide you with information for a supplier in your area. Please email us at info-international@gothotwater.com for more information and be sure to include your Country and Providence or State.

— The ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® Systems Team “Designed for Today...Dedicated to the Future.®”

  International Testimonials:  

"Great so far!"- Kevin- Gabriola, Bristish Columbia

"We love it! Guests love it! Family loves it!"- Jaequeline- St. John, Virgin Islands

"Works well, very quiet"- Allan- Calgary Alberta, Canada                                                         

    Agua Caliente a Demanda (ACAD)- Mexico    

You can say it all in one Word “marvelous”. Jorge Amaya, customer DF

We are not only saving water and money, It is convenient and easy to use, I use It when I shower, wash the dishes, to remove my make up at night, It is an authentic blessing!!!!!! Thank you ACAD. Patricia, customer DF

The truth is this product has changed the way we get up in the morning, since in my house the shower is at the farthest point from the water heater, the water used to take eight minutes to get warm, because of our ecology minded conscience we would not allow ourselves  to waste it, I would just like my wife would take eight minutes of cold water every time we showered. Not a nice way to start the day. We have not had a mishap in four years and we have never suffered a loss of water. It was a good choice to select ACAD. León, customer DF



Great unit - works great!Donald — Mooresville, NC

Great system - best home improvement I have seen in years!Maurice — Fayetteville, NC

Very friendly staff.Ramsey — Ithaca, NY

These two pumps have made my new home SO MUCH more enjoyable! Thanks for a great product!Warren — Meridian, ID

Should have had one years ago.Earl — Washington, NJ

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