C3-100 D'MAND Kontrols System

This D'MAND KONTROL® System includes an electronic circuit board, thermosensor mounted in composite volute, 3/4" CPVC threaded connections, and internal check valve. Recommended for use with dedicated return lines in buildings up to 4,000 sq. ft. with tank water heaters. Or pipe runs up to 120 lineal ft. with tankless water heaters.

SKU: C3-100
Price: $685.47


Easy to use and conserve water.Ed — Anchorage, AK

Excellent Unit - very efficient!Julian — Whittier, CA

Placed same thing in Master Bathroom 6 years ago, been very happy since. This one replaced a different brand in the kitchen.Raidesel — Modesto, CA

Works like a charm!Blake — Hartford, WI

Hot water at last!!!!!R.N. — Henderson, NV

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